Navigation whenever you need it - unless of course you are moving!

If you are looking for the new Override for 2007 and later cars, I have bad news for you. In a sure sign the Legal Department has taken control of the company, Toyota took the Override away but 'forgot' to tell you, the consumer. Toyota has ruined driving for thousands of car owners. To date, more than 1,000 Toyota owners, representing more than $20,000,000 worth of cars have registered their dissatisfaction with us. We promise not to sell or rent your email, but we will tell you when news happens. Join us to help us regain this important feature in our cars and to be notified of developing aftermarket options!

Toyota sees drop in sales- everyone else sees an increase. Are customers waking up?

November 2010 sales

We are shocked, shocked to learn a company with bad navigation electronics might also have bad electronic throttle systems
Apple Co-Founder says his Prius has Acceleration Flaw

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Toyota Boasted of skirting recalls?  I bet they boast of stonewalling customers too! (It's cheaper than actually fixing the Override Problem.)

An open letter to Akio Toyoda, Toyota's incoming President.
Dear Mr. Toyoda-
As you take the reins, I hope you have in mind a plan to return to the basics that made Toyota a great company. Customer satisfaction has been taking it on the chin lately at Toyota and it is costing the Company sales and customer loyalty.

A case in point is the Toyota/Lexus Override controversy. Dissatisfied customer searches have generated over 200,000 visits and we have registered over 2,500 Toyota and Lexus owners who are frustrated, incensed and even enraged over Toyota's handling of the Navigation Lockout. The lockout was born of litigous fear within the Legal department, instituted in stealth by Corporate and maintained with obfuscation and misdirection if not outright deceit on the part of salespeople at the dealer level. As a result, many long-term Toyota and Lexus customers have soured on not a part, but the whole company you need to remake.

For customers, the betrayal has occurred at the dealer and the Corporate levels. The loss of customer focus is widespread. Getting these customers back may not be possible at any cost, but certainly will take more than just an apology for failed past performance. Many of the folks who regsiter here feel like I do -betrayed every day that I drive my car. I urge you to find a meaningful way to demonstrate that Toyota is on a renewed road of Customer partnership. That would be a win-win for us all.


Douglas Bates

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12/07/09 The Second *REBATE* of the Navigation Cost ( number 2! ).
This time a neighbor to the north, Canada. Read how they did it here.
If you've gotten a rebate, email us about it.

11/25/08 website is now getting referrals from Acura, BMW and Mercedes salespeople. New car shoppers, please read about the Toyota Navigation limitations before buying your new car.

What is the Toyota Override Controversy?

With the release of 2007 models and the 6.1 Navigation software package, Toyota removed the existing 'override' that had been present in their cars since at least 2000. On older Toyota cars a useful series of on screen inputs had allowed the use of the Navigation and Bluetooth Phone systems while the car is in motion. In 2007 - 2009 Toyota vehicles there is no override and the voice recognition is inadequate. You must stop on the side of the highway or take an exit and park the vehicle in order to input a new destination or to search for food, gas, or even a bathroom. In some cases, prospective buyers were misinformed that the override was still present. If you are not yet a Toyota owner, consider that 50% of the people who have signed up to this website would not have bought a Toyota if they had known this limitation was in effect. Toyota has been notified of fraudulent selling practices, customer dissatisfaction with the product and refuses to acknowledge a problem or offer a solution. I received a rebate on the Nav system after many months of hard work. I hope that showing you they paid me will allow others to get a rebate too. Given the implosion of car sales, the goodwill of current owners is necessary to maintain sales. In other words, THEY NEED US and the sooner they accept that, the better off the Company will be. Toyota is wrong about this; it is hurting their sales and they owe us all an apology and more.

To summarize:
1. Inferior product. No Navigation screen input while the car is moving-even by passengers.
2. Poor Communication. Toyota removed the Override without telling customers.
3. Poor Customer service. Owner complaints have been stonewalled. Way to go, Legal!

11/11/08 Lexus Sales Plummet! ( and now, Toyota debt rating is reduced....)
October sales of Lexus cars are down 40% from 2007. Management wants to input new directions, but 'Legal' says they can't unless the company is at a complete stop -- i.e. bankrupt. Oh, the irony. Perhaps management now appreciates our wish to be in control of directions while moving! And still, the mystery: ' why they continue to alienate their own customer base' - the single largest source of future sales- goes on.


*10/24/08: Does the new 8.1 Update 'Return the Override'? NO confirmation yet! Rumors are it appears to be some fake being sold as 8.1

**10/15/08: I want to report on recent hardware and software 'fixes' that are out there. First I purchased a hardware override that required installation (not too hard if you are handy) but that did not work on the ES350 - the kits are from Japan and there is no ES vehicle there. More recently, I can verify that the "Override DVD" that includes the new map data and the old 5.1 software DOES WORK using the old override sequence (here). It took all of 10 minutes (you have to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes before the install the new DVD). You can find it sometimes by searching eBay or doing a google search (Click Here for the search) . I will not give information on specific sellers- I don't want to get anyone in trouble. The new DVD appears to the be the 'best fix' - but better to tell your friends to buy an Honda or at least skip the $3500 Nav system if they get a Toyota.

09/10/08: We will be evaluating some reported override kits from China and Japan over the next month. Look for updates as we install and try out these units. In the meantime, keep telling friends about the poor Toyota Navigation system.

09/05/08: may be renting a booth at one of the Car Shows this coming year. If you're interested in having it in your town and helping us, contact us.

09/01/08: Lexus confirms 2009 vehicles lack the override. Possible upgrade for 2010.

11/7/07: Lexus calls to explain that removing the override was a 'liability decision' made by 'legal'. But wait! Good news!! There will be a new and improved voice recognition system in the 2009 2010 vehicles. If you own a 2007, or buy a 2008 or 2009 vehicle? Sorry sucker! It seems Lexus doesn't understand how much this is hurting them....

10/17/07: There iswas hope! Toyota promotes Scion guru to head Lexus. Change in attitudes? Sadly it seems the answer is no. . . .

10/08/07: Update: Toyota user gets $95 ticket for stopping on I95 to use his Nav system.. See below.

10/08/07: Update: Lexus calls to say they are sorry I am unhappy, but they will not offer an override. Then they give me the number for the National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS). Humorously, I already went through NCDS back in January-April as instructed by Lexus, but then Lexus petitioned to have my case thrown out after three months of paperwork, etc. In the meantime, we continue to get traffic and sign-ups. Keep steering car buyers away from Lexus / Toyota until our cars are fixed and sign up to be informed of potential trade-in's or solutions to the Nav Overrride debacle!


Toyota's change in the car's operation lowers the bar for consumer rights:

  1. Many times it is more dangerous to pull over and stop to use the system.
  2. Toyota treats the car like software (even if you buy it, you don't actually own it, you only have a license to use it the way Toyota tells you to use it).
  3. Toyota made an important and to some customers critical, change in vehicle operation and customers were and are still not notified of that change before buying their cars.
  4. Toyota's stonewalling and refusal to accept that customers are annoyed /furious / inconvenienced is an indication that customer service is no longer paramount to Toyota/Lexus.
  5. Toyota is not my Mother

If you believe Toyota should fix this problem, here's how you can help:

  1. Call Toyota Customer Service at 800-331-4331 and ask to have the override restored.
  2. Place a review at Autosite , Edmunds, or Consumer Reports .
  3. Please sign up to get updates on the status of the override and to be counted in favor of restoring the override function.
  4. Tell your friends and neighbors that the override is no longer available. They may prefer a Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Saturn or a Garmin.

Various Toyota user forums have discussed possible remedies:

  1. A wire cutting hack that voids the warranty…
  2. Create a hybrid 5.1 / 6.1 DVD -requires buying 5.1 or it is illegal.
  3. Hiring a programmer to write new software.
  4. Returning the vehicle to Toyota.
  5. Receiving a rebate for the cost of the Nav system.
  6. Filing a Class action suit.

Please feel free to send your Concerns / suggestions on how to improve our odds of success.

If you are a 2007 Lexus owner with the same complaint, please visit where you can be counted and also receive updates on your vehicle.


Visit our comments from recent visitors to the site. If you have a comment and own a Toyota, please sign up! (Editor comments in Green or red .)


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