An Open Letter to Toyota Salespersons:

This letter explains how you have been put at a competitive disadvantage by Toyota Corporate policies. We feel it is important for you to understand how corporate policies are making the already difficult economic times worse for you.

You see, the 600 or so Toyota owners registered with represent only some of the growing number of Toyota owners who are steering friends and family away from Toyota and Lexus products to your competitor's showrooms. These Toyota owners, who for most companies would represent a strong source of recurrent and new car sales, have instead become a contributing force to the further decline of Toyota sales.

We at have worked to fix a poorly designed product, but Toyota Corporate has let us, Toyota Owners and in turn you, the Toyota Salespersons, down. They have let us owners down because they ignored our valid complaints and thay have let you down because you are required to offer a poorly designed, uncompetitive product.

Actually, they have let you down in two ways:
Firstly, general public knowledge of the limitations and inferior quality of the Toyota Nav system is growing as word spreads. That, coupled with word-of-mouth suggestions to choose alternative manufacturers makes your product less competitive in the marketplace and gives you fewer leads.
Secondly, anecdotal evidence suggests that at least some of you are encouraged to distract, misinform and deceive potential car buyers reagrding the operating features of your product. This has the long-term effect of lowering the public's respect for and confidence in the word of the Toyota car salesperson. The ensuing damage to your collective reputations may take very a long time to repair.

We urge you to print, email and otherwise communicate to those in a position to reverse the existing, damaging position that Toyota Corporate has taken with respect to the Navigation System. It is the right thing to do.

The Stafff at